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    Title Crystal structure of Putative Inositol Catabolism Protein IolE (NP_786806.1) from Lactobacillus plantarum at 1.85 A resolution. To be published
    Site JCSG
    PDB Id 3cny Target Id 383008
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Lactobacillus plantarum wcfs1
    Alias Ids TPS1768,NP_786806.1, _0023.000408_ Molecular Weight 33879.64 Da.
    Residues 300 Isoelectric Point 5.78
    Sequence msskaekdikwgiapigwrnddipsigkdnnlqqllsdivvagfqgtevggffpgpeklnyelklrnle iagqwfssyiirdgiekaseafekhcqylkainapvavvseqtytiqrsdtanifkdkpyftdkewdev ckglnhygeiaakyglkvayhhhmgtgiqtkeetdrlmantdpklvgllydtghiavsdgdymallnah idrvvhvhfkdvrrskeeecrakgltfqgsflngmftvpgdgdldfkpvydkliannykgwivveaeqd pskanplemaqiahryikqhlien
      BLAST   FFAS

    Structure Determination
    Method XRAY Chains 2
    Resolution (Å) 1.85 Rfree 0.210
    Matthews' coefficent 2.38 Rfactor 0.165
    Waters 750 Solvent Content 48.30

    Ligand Information


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    Protein Summary

    The iolE (lp_3607) gene from Lactobacillus plantarum encodes the NP_786806.1 amino acid sequence that folds into a putative inosose dehydratase IolE , an enzyme involved in inositol metabolism. IolE catalyzes the following reaction:

    scyllo-inosose ---> D-2,3-Diketo-4-dexyo-epi-inositol

    Genome context analysis shows the iolE gene as part of the iol operon of L. plantarum. NP_786806.1 shares sequence similarity with the AP_endonuc_2  family (PF01261) from Pfam, annotated as xylose isomerase-like TIM barrels.

    3cny structure belongs to the SCOP TIM barrel fold, xylose isomerase-like superfamily, IolI-like family. A DALI search for structural similarity returns the AsbF protein PDB:3dx5 as top hit (Z=25), followed by xylose isomerase PDB:3ktc and TM0416 protein PDB:2zvr. 3cny bears structural similarity to many TIM barrel proteins such as the YGBM protein 1k77, the tagatose epimerase 2qul and the IolI protein 1i60 (Z=24), despite lack of sequence homology.

    The active site can be identified by comparison with the active site in the homologs (DxxH--//--HxxD). 3cny putative active site configuration is similar to PDB:2qul and PDB:1i60. However, not all residues are identical. For example, H159 of 3cny corresponds to Asp in 2qul and 1i60. The putative active site is buried between the N and C termini interfaces. There is a solvent channel for access.


    Ligand Summary






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