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    Title Crystal structure of hypothetical protein (tm0693) from THERMOTOGA MARITIMA at 2.05 A resolution. To be published
    Site JCSG
    PDB Id 2fzt Target Id 360368
    Related PDB Ids 2g42 
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Thermotoga maritima msb8
    Alias Ids TPS1446,TM0693 Molecular Weight 9355.35 Da.
    Residues 78 Isoelectric Point 5.61
    Sequence mnideierkideaiekedyetllsllnkrkelmeglpkdklseilekdrkrleiiekrktalfqeinvi rearsslqk
      BLAST   FFAS

    Structure Determination
    Method XRAY Chains 2
    Resolution (Å) 2.05 Rfree 0.254
    Matthews' coefficent 2.20 Rfactor 0.194
    Waters 140 Solvent Content 43.66

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    Ligand Information


    Google Scholar output for 2fzt
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    DJ Rigden, RM Keegan, MD Winn - Acta Crystallographica Section D , 2008 - scripts.iucr.org
    2. EDM-DEDM and protein crystal structure solution
    R Caliandro, B Carrozzini, GL Cascarano - Section D: Biological , 2009 - scripts.iucr.org
    3. Template_based structure prediction and classification of transcription factors in Arabidopsis thaliana
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    Protein Summary

    The gene TM0693 from Thermotoga maritima encodes protein of unknown function DUF3214 PF11499.  Another crystal structure of the same protein is available 2G42.  The protein belongs to the class of all alpha proteins and reveals methionine synthase domain-like fold type SCOP47643 (TM0693-like family). Genome context analysis detects a 0.85 scored hit with the holo-(acyl-carrier-protein) synthase acpS (TM0692). 

    A genome-wide BLAST sequence alignment search indicated close sequence identity (33%) of the protein to a S15 RNA-binding protein TCF52B from Thermosipho africanus (THA157).  The small (30S) bacterial ribosomal subunit is composed of 16S rRNA and 21 distinct proteins. Ribosomal protein S15 binds primarily to 16S rRNA and is required for assembly of the small subunit and for intersubunit association, thus representing a key element in the assembly of a whole ribosome.  The crystal structure of S15 from Thermus thermophilus in complex with rRNA shows some structural similarity to the TM0693 protein (1DK1 [Ref]). The structure alignment reports 64 equivalent positions with an RMSD of 2.5A and 2 twists. Thus, TM0693 might encode a putative S15 rRNA-binding protein.

    Ligand Summary





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